IMS Bearing Direct Oil Feed (DOF) Lubrication Kit – M96 – TRSDOF9705


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Part Number: TRS-DOF-9705

Fitment: 1997-2004 Porsche 911 / Boxster models & some early built 2005 997  / 987 with early style single row IMS bearing.

Protect your Porsche from a possible IMS Bearing failure today! These kits should only be installed as preventative maintenance. If your engine has already suffered any type of internal damage, whether related to the IMS or to another component, we recommend the engine to be further inspected and diagnosed. Simply installing our DOF kit or any IMS kit on the market will not correct damage that is already present. 

Professional installation highly recommended.

The patent-pending Intermediate Shaft Bearing Direct Oil Feed System (DOF) lubrication kit for all MY05-08 M97 Porsche engines to assist in preventing possible IMS failures by providing the necessary lubrication and cooling to the IMS bearing. Designed, developed & manufactured by TUNERS Motorsports. TUNERS Motorsports IMS Bearing Direct Oil Feed Kit (DOF) lubrication kit for 1997-2004 Porsche 986 / 996 models with the smaller single row or dual row extractable IMS bearing.


This is the ONLY IMS lubrication & cooling kit on the market WORLDWIDE! TRS-DOF-IMAGE


The intermediate shaft bearing found on M96 and M97 Porsche engines require a constant flow of oil to provide the necessary lubrication and cooling the IMS bearing needs. Simply relying on “splash lubrication” or “mist lubrication” is not sufficient to drop operating temperature on the bearing and lubricate. The cooling benefit is a drop of 30 degrees F to the IMSB.

Included in the Direct Oil Feed kit:TRS-DOF-9705-image

  • Patent-pending DOF Flange with anti-rust zinc plating
  • 3 micro-encapsulated Porsche bolts
  • Spacer for single-row bearing
  • Engine oil port adapter with crush ring
  • 2x Cam Plugs
  • 3,000psi hydraulic hose, DOT
  • Fitting for hose
  • Thread locker


The Direct Oil Feed (DOF) lubrication kit uses a patent pending custom made Intermediate Shaft Flange that utilizes a direct oil feed to the intermediate shaft bearing. It uses an adapted pressure fed oil line from a positive oil pressure feed on the cylinder head directly to an opening in the custom DOF Flange. This feeds fresh oil directly to the open end of the IMS bearing (after removing the seal to expose the ball bearings on the IMS bearing) providing a constant flow of cool, and filtered oil to the IMS bearing. By using a positive oil feed from the engine’s cylinder head valve cover, there will always be a consistent flow of oil directed to the open end of the intermediate shaft bearing. This is a cost effective way to help protect against IMS failure.

Special note when ordering: The DOF kit is specially made to work with the SKF bearings that we provide. We do not sell bearings separate from the DOF kit as they are made to work with the DOF patented flange. Bearings are now packed with their specific C-clip and spacer ring and no longer come in the DOF kit packaging. Please make sure to order the correct bearing for your application. Installing the wrong bearing or aftermarket bearing without the proper items will incur possible damage. 

PorscheBoxster1997 - 2004
PorscheBoxster S2000 - 2004
PorscheCarrera1998 - 2004
PorscheCarrera 41998 - 2004
PorscheCarrera 4S2000 - 2004

What is the installation time of the Direct Oil Feed (DOF)® kit?

The Direct Oil Feed (DOF)® may take an experienced technician anywhere from 10-16 hours depending on the type of Porsche vehicle (tiptronic/manual / 4WD/2WD). At our facility we have the following labor times set based on the specific vehicle type:
  • RWD Tiptronic – 14 hours labor
  • RWD Manual – 10 hours labor
  • 4WD Tiptronic – 16 hours labor
  • 4WD Manual – 12 hours labor
All of our Direct Oil Feed (DOF)® installers follow a similar labor time structure. If you have any questions regarding the installation time a shop may request please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

What else should be done during the DOF installation as a recommendation?

Typically on a DOF® installation, the rear main seal (RMS) should be replaced due to ease of access. On manual transmission vehicles, the clutch must be removed so that is the time to determine if a clutch is necessary or not. If the clutch seems good, simply replace the throw-out (release) bearing to be preventative. If you need to replace the clutch on your Porsche, the DOF® installation already includes the labor for clutch replacement, it will only add the cost of the clutch kit itself. On 996 models the air oil separator is also much easier to access when the transmission has been removed. 

DOF Installation Video

The following video is based on an M97 motor with the larger, non-extractable IMS bearing